Review of Summer Love

Sungwoo Kim

July 2019

RHEE Chae Eun extracts images from classical paintings or movies, icons borrowed from pop culture and real events stamped on our memory through media to reconstitute them on canvas through a process of repetition and re-contextualization. Such attempt allows the original image to deviate from the existing context to embrace a new narrative, and the constituted canvas allows for a critical reflection of the images that are compelled at a social dimension or collective conscience or actions resulting thereof. The artist, during this exhibition Summer Love presents a work entitled The Moment Your Smile Fades Away whose title is the same as the artist’s solo-exhibition which overlaps with the exhibition time of this exhibition. (SongEun ArtCube / 6.20 – 7.24). Icons borrowed from other references and specific colors begin with the artist’s specific work, leading to another work, building a relationship of a sort within the exhibition structure, and in this process, the context is gradually transformed to culminate in a state of a new narrative. The Moment Your Smile Fades Away borrows once again the images that are similar to the icons featured in the ArtCube solo exhibition-showcased works or repeating the same situation or gestures to conceptually link both exhibition venues.