Everything Matters

Laurie Cluitmans 


Buitenplaats Doornburgh / Chae Eun Rhee

Sasha Dees


Droomschilderijen van Chae Eun Rhee

Thomas van Huut

NRC newspaper, 2021


NRC newspaper, 2021

Introduction of Solo Show 'After all, Time Flows In One Direction

at Chapter II Yard, 2021

Recording Time-Space and the Play of Universe

Jintaeg Jang, 2021

Groping Eyes  

Hojeong Hur,  Wolganmisool, 2021

Introduction of Solo Show 'A Song for the Unseen' 

at Chapter II, 2021

Revolution in the Head: about the work of Chae Eun Rhee 

Hans den Hartog Jager, 2020

Apocalytische beelden als spiegel voor de huidige tijd

Kees Keijer, Het Parool, 2020

Beyond Photos; about Chae Eun Rhee's Paintings

YiHyun Park, Monthly Photo, 2020

Chae Eun Rhee's Painting

Chong-Ok Paek, ACC webzine, 2020

Review of Summer Love

at SongEun ArtSpace

Sungwoo Kim, 2019

Over the Rainbow 

Sunghui Lee, 2019

Intoroduction of The Moment Your Smile Fades Away

at SongEun ArtCube 

Yeji Jang, 2019

Review of Hidden Plot 

at GalleryMEME

Sook Hyun Cho, Kyunghyang Shinmun, 2019

The World Not of Here Nor There

Hyun Chung, 2018

Review of Overgrown

Nayoung Hur, 2015

Review of Cross-Line of Sight

Chung-Hwan Kho, 2014

The Elaborate Fantasies 

Michelle Grabner, 2012